TuxMath 2.0.2

Image TuxMath 2.0.2
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Children's teaching game to improve mathematics"

Tux, of Math Command is a fun game for kids in which they practice math operations while they put on the skin of a penguin whose mission is to save the area where he lives from an untimely and dangerous rain and meteors.

Tux is placed on a scientific basis and on its control desk monitors the different meteorites. As your scanner captures them and analyzes how to destroy them Tux must be solving a number of operations, vital for the machine to destroy meteorites on target. If you get the answer to the simple operations that the game is proposing, the shot will be accurate.

Make your children practice the basic mathematical operations: adding, challenging, multiplying and dividing by the hand of this nice penguin.